FilmCrave Dominates New DVD Releases by Adding New Blu-ray Selection

FilmCrave Dominates New DVD Releases by Adding New Blu-ray Selection

Already a leader in displaying the newest DVD releases and associated release dates, FilmCrave has just launched a Blu-ray section. Appearing in the top ten search results for virtually every DVD related keyword, FilmCrave has dominated the DVD information market. The website categorizes DVDs based on coming soon and new DVDs. In addition, Top DVDs ( are also available to browse.

FilmCrave has taken this same dedication to standard definition DVDs and has now brought it to an all new Blu-ray section. In addition to the Blu-ray release date, plot and cast list, users can click to watch the associated movie trailers.

As Blu-rays ( become more popular for Holiday purchases, FilmCrave is once again at the front of the home movie market. Users can see what Blu-rays are coming soon and what movies are currently available to buy in HD. FilmCrave has also partnered with Amazon in which to buy new DVDs.

For both new and coming soon DVDs and Blu-ray, users can immediately see the best available price that Amazon has to offer as well as what a third party charge. FilmCrave also combines existing user data to complete an overall rating of the film. So, even if you have never heard of the film, you have complete information to make a purchase decision.

FilmCrave continues their expansion with the launch of their “related items” section. Included is a list of other movie related material that can be purchased through Amazon. The most popular items are the ability to watch movies instantly, CD soundtracks, and the associated books.

FilmCrave has generated over 400,000 visits to its website. A majority of those visitors have come via search related DVD keywords. As FilmCrave continues to grow, so does their user base.

Originally started as a movie social network, FilmCrave is quickly becoming a destination for all things movie related. Users now have the capability to write movie reviews, rate movies, create top movie lists, watch movie trailers, discover movies coming soon, scope out new Blu-ray releases, new DVD releases, and purchase movie related merchandise.