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Cozying up your clothing store

It’s a well known fact that women like to shop. They go to the mall or browse the online stores to get new shoes even if they don’t need them, to refresh the cute t-shirt collection, to expand the library of fiction novels they’ve been collecting since high school. Sometimes it’s retail therapy, a little pick me up after a hard day at the office or an unpleasant breakup, other times it’s collateral when they’re off to buy something for somebody else, either way, shopping is what women like to do, and they like to do it in style.

Walking into a boutique and being treated like stars described in celebrity gossip columns, those who get the store closed up for them, is a dream for many women, but they realize chances of that happening are very slim. They do, however, appreciate little things store owners do to make the shopping experience more pleasurable, so no matter if you have a couture fashion boutique or a vintage clothing store, you can make your clients spread the word that your space is special just by offering a few extra touches.

Organize the clothes by season and by color, so that the clients can head straight to their favorites instead of having to go through things they will never buy. Create outfits on mannequins, complete with accessories, so that your customers can see how a particular blouse will look with pants or whether a certain neck line works with a necklace. Don’t keep anything too high or too low, so your clients don’t have to reach for anything uncomfortably, and hang items on slip-proof hangers so nobody has to worry about items falling to the floor.

Women spend at least as much time in the dressing room as they do looking through the collection, so you should make sure they’re comfortable in there. The spaces should be big enough to easily move around, they should have a seat and several hangers plus a good quality mirror. Additionally, there should be a bell by which the customer can call for assistance, so she doesn’t have to change and walk out if she needs a different size or color. The dressing rooms should be in a place separated from the main floor so the customers can take a walk and a look at themselves in several mirrors in the hallway to make sure the item they’re trying on is working for them, which helps them make a decision to buy and leads to no-return purchases.

Nothing will stop women from buying, but they won’t go a second time to a store they don’t feel well in. The cozier and more private your sure feels, the better the chances you’ll have repeat customers, so you should invest in some couches, soft music and subtle scents to make them feel like they’re visiting a friendly place and not just shopping.