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How much or how many?

The question of quality versus quantity is always on the back of your mind and you actually have good arguments to support either choice, so when you feel like spending the day at the mall and coming out with hands full of bags, you tell yourself quantity makes up for quality because you won’t wear those clothes as often since there are so many of them, therefore they won’t get stretched, faded or shrunk. On the other hand when you’re feeling like making a statement, when you want to be fashion forward, you splurge on one timeless piece telling yourself that it’s worth the money because of the quality and due to the fact that it will never go out of style. But just like with everything else the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

We’re told that couture fashion is good and chains are bad as far as quality and design. When you take a look at runways during Fashion Week, though, there aren’t all that many clothes that you could see yourself wearing to work or a Sunday brunch. Chain stores have items that are more neutral, make less of a statement and are wearable for every occasion, but they’re often made with synthetic fabrics and the cuts are a bit off when you try them on. The best solution is to pay top dollar for items that you will be able to wear five years from now without being instantly dated, to buy cheap when you want to follow the latest trend for a month, and for everything else to pay a little more and buy a little less so that the quality and the price are adequate and your closet is full of items you can wear this season and the next, but you won’t cry a river when you rip a hole or make a stain on your pants.

It’s a good way of buying not only when it comes to clothes. Think of pens, mugs, home electronics, triathlon gear or anything you buy, for that matter. If it can break easily, get lost, worn out or get replaced with better technology, you could pay the least amount possible assuming bad things will definitely happen, you could splurge on the most expensive option thinking it’s worth it, or you could just stick with the middle of the pack, so to speak, and if you drop that mug it’s no big deal, but until you break it, you have something pretty and cherished to make your hot chocolate in.