Festival fashion -  Couture dresses - Graphics tablet

With the festival season on, all eyes are on the latest fashion and hi-tech trends

As the summer of 2010 draws near, companies and stylists are beginning to pinpoint what the festival crowd is likely to sport when they show up to cheer their favorite artists. With the music scene bouncing back in recent years and festivals reinventing themselves around the world, thousands of fans are ready to splurge on original apparel and accessories in a bid to stand out. Clearly, there is more than just a unique spirit that everyone seems to wait for all year long. Festivals have largely turned into fashion and lifestyle events.

At first glance, there is little potential for fashionistas to explore at festivals, with all its mud and dirt, and couture dresses seem out of place, but on closer inspection it turns out much can be done.

Fashion writers in Britain, home to a classic Glastonbury Performing Arts Festival, are hyping Africa-inspired collections that put emphasis on floral patterns and chic designs. Patterned shorts are said to match the summery spirit of the event quite nicely, as well as providing a welcome contrast to indispensable Wellington boots.

Playsuits are high on the wanted list, combining chic with comfort, and so are any alternatives to good, old wellies. One top pick are ascetic, rubbery flats that are bound to serve well in all weather conditions and breathe some fresh air in a festival-goer's style. Another direction in terms of footwear are original sandal designs.

As for hi-tech gadgets, since the days of hippie simplicity are over, the festival crowd will most probably want to show off some of their latest gizmos. Ok, it will not be a perfect place to let the world admire a reading or graphics tablet, but some innovative technologies that can help make a statement, especially environmental or social, are expected to be quite a common sight this festival season.