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How to Make Your Own SPA

Women always want to look good and they spend a lot of time and money on their beauty. They visit cosmetologists and beauty specialists, buy expensive products because they are sure that it really works. But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you don’t feel like spending cosmic sums of money at the beauty complex there is a solution for you. You can create your own home SPA. It won’t be as fancy as the one you can visit in luxury hotels in Miami but it will be unique as well. A home SPA is not only going to help you save your money but will give you the opportunity to relax at your own place, without other people around you like it usually happens in public SPA’s. You can also invite your family to your own beauty complex if you want to.

Choose an evening or two during the week when you are sure you won’t be disturbed. As for shopping list you won’t need much. Buy a couple of bottles of essential oils, the scent is up to you but choose something relaxing. You should have the other necessary things at home – apple, lemon, honey, olive oil, coffee, some kind of cottage cheese. These are the ingredients for the masks and they depend on the kind of the mask you want. For revitalizing, hydrating or peeling mask you will need different ingredients.

Prepare yourself a hot bath and add some oil. Spend as much time as you can lying in the bathtub, reading couture artwork magazines or yummy pita bread recipes book and sipping wine. Forget about the world around you for a while. When you feel relaxed enough get out of the bathtub and prepare a body scrub from the coffee grounds. It is the best homemade body scrub, way better than the ones from the shop. Then apply a mask on your face and hair, you can find the exact recipes how to make different kinds of them on the Internet. It is also a great time to take care of your feet and hands. Use the coffee scrub as well, polish the toe and fingernails and apply highly moisturizing cream. You can use one of the homemade masks for your feet and hands as well.

Don’t plan anything after your SPA evening. The best way to enjoy it is to keep on relaxing with an interesting book or a nice movie. Don’t let anyone and anything disturb you, this is the time for you only.

Try your own home SPA; you will see how pure and fresh you will feel. One such evening will give you the energy for the next couple of days. And knowing that you take care of your body and mind will guarantee that your self confidence grows.